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In any disagreement or dispute, it is essential to have somebody who can step in and make a decision on who is right and what should be done. This could be a boss, a mediator, or a judge, depending on the situation. The person who decides needs to be impartial, fair, and knowledgeable about the issue at hand.

When it comes to a workplace dispute, a boss or manager is usually the one who decides the outcome. They need to have a good understanding of the company`s policies and procedures, as well as the ability to remain neutral and not show any favoritism. They also need to be good at communicating their decision to both parties involved, so everyone understands why the decision was made.

In a legal dispute, a judge is the one who decides who is right and what should be done. They need to be knowledgeable about the law and have a good understanding of the case at hand. They also need to be impartial and not show any bias towards either side. Judges need to be able to weigh the evidence presented and make a decision based on the facts of the case.

Mediators are another option for resolving disputes. They are trained professionals who can help both parties come to a mutual agreement. Mediators need to be good listeners and have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to understand both sides of the issue and help both parties come up with a solution that works for everyone involved.

Regardless of who makes the final decision, it`s essential that they are knowledgeable, impartial, and fair. In any dispute, it`s important to remember that there are two sides to every story, and the person who decides needs to consider all the facts before making a decision. By having somebody who is skilled in conflict resolution, disagreements can be resolved quickly and efficiently, leading to a more positive outcome for everyone involved.