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Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of effective communication. It refers to the grammatical relationship between the subject of a sentence and the verb that follows it. The subject of a sentence is the noun or pronoun that is performing the action, and the verb is the action word that describes what the subject is doing.

When the subject and verb in a sentence are not in agreement, it can result in confusion and ambiguity. For example, if you say, “The group of people is going to the store,” it is grammatically incorrect because “group” is a singular noun and “is” is a singular verb. The correct sentence should be, “The group of people are going to the store,” as “people” is a plural noun.

Subject-verb agreement is an example of a communication characteristic known as precision. Precision refers to the use of language that is accurate and clear, leaving no room for misinterpretation or ambiguity. When we use proper subject-verb agreement, we are conveying a message that is precise and easy to understand.

Subject-verb agreement is also an example of consistency. Consistency in communication means using the same style, tone, and voice throughout a piece of writing. When we consistently use subject-verb agreement, we create a consistent and professional tone in our writing, which can improve the overall quality of our communication.

Lastly, subject-verb agreement is an example of attention to detail. Attention to detail refers to the practice of being meticulous and thorough in our writing. When we pay attention to subject-verb agreement, we show that we care about the accuracy and grammatical correctness of our writing, which can help us establish credibility with our readers.

In summary, subject-verb agreement is an essential communication characteristic that demonstrates precision, consistency, and attention to detail in our writing. By using proper subject-verb agreement, we can produce effective communication that is accurate, clear, and professional.